The Best Defense is a Good Office-Supply Catapult

I found this great video over at ManMade entitled How To: Build A Mini Catapult from Office Supplies.

I come across so many DIY projects that either seem too complicated, or rather pointless. Sure, I COULD spend 5 hours and $100 in supplies building a toaster that burns random Monty Python quotes into the bread…but am I going to? (actually, that sounds really cool)

This project seems dead simple to pull off, requires very few supplies, and will surely be a hit at any office. The fact that I work from home may diminish the usefulness of this. However, on those days when I’ve been sitting in a room by myself, staring at a screen for hours, this might be the thing that saves me from slipping into complete and utter madness. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Now I’m off to build one!