Dropbox–Now Even Better For Your Business

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No doubt you already know about my love for Dropbox.

There are already lots of reasons to use Dropbox. For free, you get 2GB of storage that travels and syncs with you wherever you go. For only $10/month, that 2GB turns into 50GB.

Dropbox just recently announced that Version 1.0 was available to the masses. While there are performance enhancements that come along with the new version, the big deal here is selective sync.

Why would a small business owner care about selective sync? Excellent question!

Selective sync will allow you to choose which folders get synced to each computer you have Dropbox installed on. If you’re using the 2GB account, chances are this isn’t as big of a deal. However, if you’re like me, and have the 50GB plan, or even the $20/month 100GB account, this becomes an important feature.

Although having your 50GB of music and videos synced to the cloud makes sense, you don’t want to have to download that huge collection on every machine you use. On your office PC, you might just want the important documents. On the netbook, you just might not have 50GB to spare. Having the choice of what gets synced, without affecting the machines that can handle the 50GB is going to be very helpful.

So for any of you who haven’t upgraded yet, or who have been waiting for this feature before becoming a user, go out and get the new version today!

Dropbox Hits 1.0! (The Dropbox Blog)