Why Are We So Scared To Fail?

I ran across this video this morning, and thought I’d share it. Fear of failure has to be on the top of most peoples list of “Why I Don’t Want to Start My Own Business”. You’re leaving the comfort of a 9-5, regardless of how demoralizing that job may be, and embarking on a terrifying journey.

What if the business fails? What if I can’t afford to pay the bills?

True, that’s a possibility. Are you telling me, after the last year or two, that being an employee is any safer? What about when the risk pays off? Was there any chance that you’d end up successful and independent while sitting in that cubicle? Was your boss going to show up one day, decide he was bored, and just give you the business the run as you saw fit?

Failure is inevitable. If you went through life without ever falling down, you wouldn’t appreciate the times you were standing tall. Since success can sometimes just come down to good fortune, it’s when we struggle that we learn the most about ourselves. The year I spent managing a retail store was the most demoralizing year of my business life. However, it was also the greatest learning experience to date.

Anyway, watch this short clip. The next time you feel like you’ve failed (or are worried that you might), remember that you’re in good company.