Which Type of Owner Are You?

I just read a fun little article on the 3 types of business owners. Your picks are Doer, Thinker, or Whiner.

I'm pretty sure I've been all 3 at different points in my career. In fact, it seems as though I cycle through all 3 in a very specific order.


I tend to start out as the Thinker, dreaming up the big plan, thinking of all the pros and cons, and over-analyzing the possibilities. This forces me to drag myself into the Doer stage, hoping and praying that all the thinking will pay off. If things don't go as planned, I switch to the Whiner, and generally bad mouth the Thinker and Doer, who are clearly to blame for getting me into this mess.

So, which of these sound the most like you? Take a look at the article, and let me know.

Doers, Thinkers and Whiners � Flying Pig Communications