Don’t Do This To Google Reader!!

As you may already know from posts here and here, I use Google Reader to keep track of all the blogs and other RSS feeds I read on a daily basis. Every once in a while, I like to find new blogs to add to my list. On one post, it mentioned something called the Power150, which is a list of the top marketing blogs. I quickly scanned the first page. At the bottom of the page, there was a link to get the OPML of all the feeds. When you export a large list of the RSS feeds you follow, it saves it as an OPML file. Cool! I could get the top 150 blogs to scan through, all in a single click.

Here where I messed up.

Without looking both ways before I crossed this road, I assumed that Power150 meant that there were 150 blogs. The first page only showed the top 50, and I didn’t both to look at this little gem at the top of the page.


So….yeah, I just imported 1110 new blogs into my Google Reader account. What a mess!! There’s a small light at the end of this, thankfully. I have all of my current feeds categorized. So, when I went into Reader’s settings, there’s a way to select “Unassigned” feeds, which means all of those that aren’t in a category already. From there, I was able to select all of the new blogs, and add them to a “Power150” folder.

I should have just deleted all of them. I may still do that. But, like the digital pack rat that I am, I have a very hard time getting rid of something, especially when it contains really good information. I just know that there are at least 10 great blogs in there that I’d like to keep, but I just don’t know which ones yet. Somebody needs to save me from myself!!

If you have any similar stories, please share them in the comments.