How Do You Find A Reliable Wholesaler?

After reading “The 4-Hour Work Week” for the 3rd time last week, it got me inspired again. I would really like to setup a small store on eBay or my own site, and start selling a few things, just to test the waters. If it pans out, it would be a nice way to generate a little extra revenue each month. Who knows, if it turned out really well, I could grow it up, automate it, and start having that passive revenue that Tim talks about in his book.

Here’s the problem. Doing a search on wholesaler or drop shipper is kind of like doing a search for Viagra or password cracker. You get a huge stream of really questionable sites, all offering you the answers you seek…..for a price. It becomes even more difficult when you look for wholesalers specific to Canada, which doesn’t surprise me. When I check off the “Canada Only” option in eBay, the search results usually shrink down to 10% of those for all of North America. All of the sites I’ve looked at offer to sell me a list of “hundreds or thousands” of certified, reputable wholesalers. The prices range from about $30 to as high as $300, at least from my brief searching. The one that Tim Ferriss recommends in his book is mostly for the USA, and is the $300 option.

So, I’m asking you all for some guidance. Are some of these lists the real deal? What I’m looking for is this;

  • Wholesaler that would allow drop shipping
  • Must be either located in Canada, or has a good record of working with Canadian businesses
  • My primary product category would be tech related, since this is where my interests and knowledge lie
  • Otherwise, office supplies or house wares (I cook a lot) would be a good choice

The thing is, I don’t want to sell something I don’t already like, use, and know something about. Is it good to find one big wholesaler, or would it make sense to seek out individual businesses in a specific niche, and try to strike up a deal with them? Any help you have would be greatly appreciated. Links, emails, tips, whatever you’ve got. If you’ve done this before, work for one of these companies, or know someone who’s dealt with this, I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below, or go to my Contact page and send me a message there.