Charge Your USB Devices Straight From Your Outlet

I don’t see a lot of exciting announcements in wall socket technology. Aside from that red reset button that started showing up when I was a kid, not much has changed. I’m sure, behind the scenes, there have been multiple upgrades and improvements that have kept us safe, but it’s certainly not something I think about upgrading all that often.

I believe that’s about to change.


Take a look at this beauty. Yes, that’s right, those are USB ports.

One of my favourite adapters are the little white USB to power adapters I get from time to time from Apple. I got one with a dock I bought, and I’m pretty sure one came with my iPhone (but I could be wrong). With all the gadgets I have that charge by USB, having the ability to plug them into a wall socket is incredibly convenient. Being able to skip past the adapter entirely is pure genius. According to the folks at FastMac, the company selling these, the current price is $19.95US.

Not to be picky about a great idea, but I’m wondering about expansion. Could I plug a hub into this? What about one of those ugly adapters you get from the dollar store that turns the two sockets into 6? Could I get one like that, but instead it just has two rows of USB ports? How great would that be?

Here’s the only downside, from the company’s website.
This item is currently waiting on final safety approval. It is scheduled to begin shipping in October.

Ok, so we’ll have to be a bit patient. You can pre-order the outlets from the website now, and they won’t charge your credit card until they ship. I really hope that these show up in October. For anyone with an office, this would be an amazing way to declutter your space. Think of how many ugly adapters and power bricks you could eliminate with a couple of these on the wall?

The U-Socket Charges USB Devices Without an Adapter. – Here’s the Lifehacker article that informed me of this magnificent products’ imminent arrival.