Freshbooks Experiment – Invoicing

I suppose this should have been one of the first posts about Freshbooks I wrote, given the fact that this is the most important aspect of any bookkeeping program. Sure, it’s great to have all your expenses accounted for. However, if you’re not spending a lot of time creating invoices (and thus revenue), then you probably won’t be doing this for long.

As with everything else I’ve been testing thus far, invoicing in Freshbooks is quite simple. It’s clear that the folks at Freshbooks want you to make money. There are so many ways to create an invoice, you could trip and fall into one if you weren’t careful. Instead of just having the Invoices tab be the only way, you can also convert a lot of your other tasks into invoices. Instead of writing them all out, I thought I’d give you something a bit more visual. Also, I wanted to try out Slideshare, so you get to be my guinea pigs.

I really like using Slideshare. I don’t do a lot of presentations (0 to be exact), so my PowerPoint skills are a bit rusty. Sadly, it was fun being able to bring it out and take it for a spin.

On top of leaving your comments about Freshbooks, please let me know what you think of using Slideshare.