That (week in) Bookkeeper

This was a very busy week, which is always a good thing. Even a chaotic, frustrating week is better than a slow unproductive week, at least in my opinion. Bad events can always bring forth good ones or at least good lessons, but you can rarely pull wisdom from inactivity.

There were 2 posts on the site this week. In case you missed them;

5 Pearls of Wisdom to Start Your Week – I found some funny quotes that really hit home that people who are making more money than us aren’t necessarily more qualified.

Spend.Play.Loathe – A rant on how some owners spend their money foolishly, with the excuse that the expenses are a “write-off”.

The highlight of my week was the fact that the folks at Freshbooks published my first guest post on Wednesday. This whole team has been great to work with, so I couldn’t think of a better site to be the first to publish one of my posts. Here’s the link.

Why Should I Hire A Bookkeeper? – 3 key reasons you should consider hiring (or more likely subcontracting) a bookkeeper.

Obviously, there’s more to read out there than just me. Every week I come across so many good articles. Here are a few that I think you’d be interested in.

Dropbox Tips for Wizards, Intermediates & Beginners (Mashable)

My 5 Favorite, but Often Ignored, Analytics Features (ProBlogger)

5 Myths About Starting A Business (Fresh Thinking)

Finally, as a Canadian, I got a kick out of this video. It has nothing to do with business, but it does illustrate a point about living in Canada. If you live somewhere warm, just watch this whenever you complain about your commute.