2 Great Bookkeeping Sites

One of the many reasons I wanted to start thatbookkeeper.com was because I just couldn’t find many blogs written from a bookkeeper’s perspective. There are so many good sites written by a marketing, sales, or management expert, but I just couldn’t find anything from a fellow bean counter.

You know how, when you buy a new car, it suddenly seems like everyone else is driving that same car now? They weren’t there yesterday, but now you’re seeing them everywhere. The same thing happened with the site. As soon as I started writing, I finally started to discover other bookkeepers’ sites. Really good sites too. Since, by reading this post, you have elected to read what a bookkeeper has to say, I thought I would share my two current favourites.

One Hour Bookkeeper

one hour bookkeeper screenshot.

I really like the tone of this site. On one hand, it’s really informative. On most sites, I’ll really get into every 3 or 4 posts, but I seem to get something useful out of every post I read on this site. On the other hand, it’s really entertaining. I love the “Bad Bookkeeper” section, that follows a fictional character who is doing all the things a bookkeeper shouldn’t do. It’s a great way to learn about how to avoid getting bled dry by an unethical bookkeeper. I think bookkeepers and business owners will really enjoy the site.


bookkeeping essentials screenshot.

This site is a great resource for anyone who needs to know more about bookkeeping. I don’t care how long you’ve been doing this for, I guarantee you will learn something new by reading the posts and guides. If you’re a business owner, this will help you make sense of what your bookkeeper is doing (or not doing). It can also help you learn how to do some of it yourself. If you’re a bookkeeper, this is the perfect place to strengthen your skills.

I hope you find these sites as informative and entertaining as I have. If you have other sites like these, please share them with me in the comments. I’m always searching for information, and would love to know about a new source.