Reflection on the First Year


On March 30, 2010, I published the first post on I can’t believe it’s been a year. It some ways it feels like yesterday, but in many others I’m surprised it’s only 1 year.

It has been quite a journey thus far. According to both Google Analytics and Wordpress, I didn’t have any readers until July. Considering I have comments on posts back in April, this shows the accuracy of these stats. However, in July it shows I had just over 50 visits to the site. By comparison, I’m at a little over 1,000 so far for March. Not huge numbers by any means, but it’s nice to see forward progress.

Along the way I have been able to meet a lot of great people, connect with new clients, and even do a guest post for Freshbooks.

I have discovered an interesting problem, that I’m not quite sure how to remedy. As a result of the increase in clients, I’m finding less free time to write. I guess this isn’t a terrible problem to have, but I really enjoy updating the blog each week. I suppose, on the other hand, the extra work will introduce me to new problems to solve, which will in turn inspire new tips to write about. Perhaps my time management system just needs an overhaul.

One thing I believe I will be focussing on more this year is my bookkeeping. Although it’s not hard to realize that this site is written by a bookkeeper, I think the posts have been casting too wide of a net. Going back through my analytics, it’s clear that the posts about bookkeeping (tips, software, etc.) are far more popular than those about small business in general. With April just a couple days away, I will certainly do my best to give you all some tax tips. Hopefully we can all get through April with as much of our wits (and hair) as we had when we started the month.

I also plan to change the overall layout of the site soon. After all, at the end of the day, I’m trying to run a business. With that in mind, I think it’s important that the main focus of the site be about my bookkeeping services. That’s not to say that I’m going to start writing post after obnoxious post about how you should hire me…thankfully that’s not me. I just mean that if you’re looking for a bookkeeper, it will be easier to learn about what I do, and easier to contact me.

I’d be interested to here your feedback. Do you have any changes you’d like to see at the site? Or, have any of you recently gone through a website anniversary? When you look back, what have you learned about the experience?