Time Management and Priorities


I don’t normally have “themes” to a series of posts, but this week my thoughts have drawn me to one specific topic: time. No matter what I have been working on, I keep coming back to the ways that time affects my business, as well as my daily life.

At the moment, time management has been a big concern. I enjoy writing on this site, but I’ve been very busy with my bookkeeping, and haven’t had enough time to keep up with my posts. It’s a strange situation. One reason I write and update this site is to attract more business. Now that I have more bookkeeping, I don’t have enough time to write, which hurts my chances of bringing in more business.

Obviously, when I look at the big picture, the physical client work is far more important than updating a blog. And, if I was simply an employee, this wouldn’t be an issue. The problem with being an entrepreneur, especially one who works alone, is that I’m no longer just an employee. Just doing the work isn’t enough to grow the business, or even enough to maintain it.

I know I’m not the only one struggling with this. The lessons learned in one of my favourite business books, The E-Myth, are all about workers trying to balance their craft with the pressures of managing a business.

So, here’s the question; how should I deal with this problem? Do I sacrifice one aspect in order to strengthen another? Is it alright to be sporadic with the website, if it means being a better worker? Or, does mean I might need to start looking at adding staff, either locally or remotely?

I know some of you have struggled with the same issues. What advice do you have? I would love to hear your opinions.