Is your town stuck in the 20th Century?


Do you ever feel like your city isn’t on the same page technologically as you are? When I’m on




, people are using the technology to connect with their customers, vendors, and fans. Connections are made over Skype, and bills are paid with PayPal. It’s understood that voicemail is a pain, and that waiting in line for bad customer service is heresy. Sure, it’s chaotic, but yet somehow it all makes sense.

Then I step outside, and everything changes.

I don’t live in a big city. I suppose I shouldn’t expect to step out into a technological utopia. Still, why aren’t more small businesses trying to join the 21st Century? I hear people joke about the Yellow Pages, but that’s where I still have to go to find what I need.

Just yesterday, I wanted to email our vet. I know there’s a business card somewhere in this house, and it has their email address on it. I couldn’t find it, so I went online to search their site. I finally found it and…no email address on the site. What?

For some reason, I use Foursquare. I like to try out new things, so I check in to my location every once in a while. I’m even the Mayor of a few spots. From what I hear, this means I might be entitled to some type of discount or VIP status. In my town, I don’t think the owners of any of these businesses even know about Foursquare, let alone the fact that I’m currently the Mayor of their store.

I will admit, I’d take this to an extreme level if given the chance. When I see a kid running a lemonade stand, I want to tell him to setup a website, tweet the location, setup a


event, and give discounts to people who “check in” to the stand. This is usually where my family gives me “the look”, and tries to tune me out. Fair enough.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels this way? Tell me that the lack of tech adoption in your town drives you crazy too. No, seriously…if this drives you crazy…please tell me in the comments. I need proof for my friends and family that I’m not the only one.