Don't forget an important task again.

965820_56172695I have discussed some of my productivity tools in the past. And, as I mentioned last week, they can sometimes have a negative effect on that productivity.

I think the only reason I haven’t mentioned this one before is because it’s so simple, I forget that it’s a service.

The tip today is Nudgemail.

What is Nudgemail?

All Nudgemail does is remind you of something important, at the time you need to be reminded. There are no frills, no add-ons. You can’t tag your tasks. You can’t share something to Facebook. But when you need to remember to pay a bill on Friday at 3:00pm, you’re going to get that reminder.

How does it work?

This is the best part. There is no signup process. No password to remember. If you want to start using Nudgemail, here’s what you do.

1. Send an email to

2. In the subject line, indicate when you want the reminder. It uses natural language quite well, so it understands “tomorrow at noon”.

3. In the body, describe the nature of the reminder.

That’s it. In a few seconds, you’ll get a confirmation email back, with the date, time, and message for your reminder. If it’s your first time emailing them, you’ll also get a welcome email with some handy tips about the service. For example, there is a setting to stop getting the confirmation emails, or a way to retrieve all of your upcoming reminders.

One thing to note: as of this writing, they don’t handle attachments. I haven’t had an occasion to need this feature, but I thought you should know about this limitation.

For me, another great feature comes when you get the reminder. In this example, at “noon tomorrow”, you will receive an email with the reminder. In that email, there will be links to snooze the reminder. (image below)


If you get the reminder at a bad time, you don’t want it to get buried in your inbox. Instead, click on one of the snooze links, and you’ll simply get the same reminder sent back to you.

I know that there are other ways of doing this. You can add the items to your calendar, and have reminders setup to email you. With Google Calendar, you can even get reminders sent via SMS. If you already live in the Google universe, this is another good choice.

I just find that Nudgemail works well, and is faster to send a reminder than adding it to a calendar.

Have you used Nudgemail before? Do you have another, similar method for these types of reminders. Please feel free to share them in the comments.