Best Bookkeeper Website?

Hi everyone. 

I've come across a lot of interesting things online over the past few years. I'm constantly surprised by all the sites and services popping up for bookkeepers and accountants. But, if you told me that there would be a contest for the best bookkeeper/accountant website, I'd be hard pressed to believe you. 

Well, guess what? The folks over at Kashoo are doing just that. And, it was an even bigger shock when they asked to include in the contest. It looks like there are 20 sites in the running. 

So, here's my pitch. If you get any type of enjoyment or value out of this site, and you've got a minute or two to spare, I would be eternally greatful if you would go over and give this site a "like". 

The contest is based on Facebook likes, so you'd have to be on Facebook to vote. Basically, if you follow the link I'll provide at the end, and click the "Like" button on the left (just under the date), that scores a vote for this site. I don't believe you can vote multiple times, unless you have multiple Facebook accounts. 

Yes, there is a prize for the top 2 sites, but I'm certainly not after the prize. It's just before Christmas, so I'd give mine away to someone on my gift list anyway. I just think it's a fun, unique competition to join in on. And, if a few more people learn about the site as a result, all the better. 

If you do take the time to vote, thank you very much. If not, no worries. I know there are so many of these things vying for your time. 

Here's the link...possibly the longest link I've seen in a while.