Don't assume this about your bookkeeper

I keep hearing a similar anecdote from my favourite podcasters and bloggers. They'll run into a problem, Google for a solution, and find that a post that they wrote a long time ago shows up in the results. Turns out I'm in good company.

An idea for a post came to me over the weekend. I knew it was an idea I had considered before. Turns out I had gone the extra step and written about it...5 years ago.

I think the advice is still relevant. I hope you agree.

Your Bookkeeper: Tip #1

If by some miracle you were around when I posted this let me know. I'm not sure I was even a reader in 2010 but it'd sure be cool.

Eric Matthews

I'm a bookkeeper, husband, dad, music junkie, and general tech geek. When I'm a bookkeeper, I focus on cloud bookkeeping. I write at, which helps bookkeepers and business owners move their books online. I work with apps like FreshBooks, Xero, Kashoo, Wave, and QuickBooks Online.

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