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If you haven't been following them, the folks at FreshBooks have been busy.

There aren't a lot of things I would change about FreshBooks. No, it's not a full-featured accounting package like QuickBooks, but it's not meant to be, and it would ruin it's charm by going down the path of feature-creep.

One of the things I always wanted was a simple way to keep track of all my clients who were using FreshBooks. I have quite a few clients who use FreshBooks for creating invoices and tracking their time and expenses. In order to pull down the reports I need, I have to login to each client's account one-by-one. At tax time, this gets to be a real pain. Thankfully, FreshBooks has come to my rescue.

On August 19th FreshBooks created Accountant Center, which is a portal to connect me to all my clients in one central location. Once my clients add me as their bookkeeper/accountant, I can pull the reports I need without having to log into their account.

For me, this allows me to quickly pull reports from all my clients from the same central location, without having to jump to multiple sites and manage multiple logins.

For the client, this allows them to give me access to reports without using up a staff account, giving me their login information or access to the rest of their records.

For more information on how this you can read the blog post on their site.

Guest Post

While on the subject of FreshBooks and blog posts...yours truly recently had a guest post published on their blog. If you'd like to give it a read, you can check it out at the link below.

6 ways your accountant can help you achieve your business goals

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Finally, there is a new way to keep up to date with all things That Bookkeeper. Some of you may get this by email through the FeedBurner link. I have decided to move over to MailChimp. be honest, I signed up for it a LONG time ago, and am now finally getting around to making the switch. Here in Canada there were some changes made to the spam laws, and I would need to have everyone re-subscribe to the email feed anyway, so I thought this was as good a time as any to make the move.

Obviously, in order to get this to those of you who only read these posts via email, I had to send this last one out through the old link. However, going forward, if you would like to receive these posts fresh off the presses and delivered straight to your inbox, please follow the link below to subscribe. I will be closing down the email portion of the FeedBurner feed right away so anyone who subscribes won't end up getting 2 emails (fingers crossed I don't mess this up).

For those of you who aren't currently subscribed, please sign up. I know my writing schedule is erratic at best, so this ensures you're always getting the latest post without having to check back here every day. For now, you'll just have the latest blog posts sent whenever I post them on the site. Eventually I'd like to also have a (very) occasional bit of exclusive content for those on the list. The main thing is that I won't be flooding your inbox with useless junk you don't need, and (of course) you can unsubscribe at any time.

The other nice thing about getting these in your inbox is that you can easily reply to me directly if you have a question or comment about the post. I get some great feedback from my readers this way. It's so nice getting to hear directly from all of you who read these words. Anyway, here's the link to subscribe. There will also be a link on the right column of the site.

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