One on One: Kashoo

*One on One is a series of reviews. Instead of a long-winded breakdown, I give you a quick summary along with one positive and one negative. *

In my first One on One review I talked about Wave. I thought I'd keep going through the bookkeeping services I use with my clients, so today I will be featuring another great service based in Canada.

Name: Kashoo

Description: Kashoo is a bookkeeping service based in Canada. It syncs and downloads bank transactions automatically, syncs with services like FreshBooks for invoicing and PaymentEvolution for payroll, and has very full featured mobile apps.

Cost: $5/m for Solo and $20/m for Business

One Positive: Kashoo’s implementation of the FreshBooks API makes it’s sync far better than any other FreshBooks integration I’ve used. (hint: someone else’s FB sync will be their “one negative” on a future post)

Once you have authorized Kashoo to sync with your FreshBooks account, you have a lot of control with how the data comes into Kashoo. Every line item and payment method gets mapped to the proper account in Kashoo. Other apps just let you pick one default bank account and one default income account, so this eliminates a lot of unwanted manual work.

While there are plenty of other good things to mention, they did so much better at this than their competitors I just had to highlight it.

One Negative: Setting up automatic downloads from your bank account is a great feature. But when it doesn’t work I often have to use spreadsheets or bank downloads to manually upload statements.

Kashoo is the only app that I’ve had consistent problems using csv files (one of the common filetypes for this type of thing). The issues I’ve had are a bit too complex to try to summarize, but let’s just say it makes bank reconcilations a nightmare if things don’t go well during the upload.

Final Thoughts: Kashoo is a powerful service on its own, but it really shines when you also use FreshBooks for invoicing and something like PaymentEvolution for payroll.