Bookkeeping and Technology - Part 3: The Big Picture

Today I conclude this 3-post series about bookkeeping and technology. In true Eric fashion, I have managed to take a simple idea and turn it into thousands of words.

This final post is going to take a sharp 180. The first post talked about my initial foray into running my own online business. The second post talked about other bits of tech that I use in my day to day operations. I'd like to finish up with deciding if technology has actually made life any easier.

No...I don't think it has.

Let me explain.

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Bookkeeping and Technology: Part 2: My Setup

This is the second post in my series about bookkeeping and technology. Last time I wrote about the early days of moving my business online. Today I'd like to talk about the tech I use and how it has changed the way I run my business. For the sake of brevity we'll stick to what I use for client bookkeeping.

My basic criteria:

If my client is going to be using it, I want the interface clean and simple. There should be as little industry jargon as possible.

Is this a slight on my clients? Of course not.

My job as a bookkeeper isn't just to record business data and generate reports. My job is to make that part of an owner's business as simple as possible. I want my client to worry as little as possible about entering data so they can get back to doing what they do best.

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Bookkeeping and Technology - Part 1: My Origin Story

Someone emailed me the other day with (what I thought was) a simple question. To paraphrase, they wanted to know how technology has changed the way I do my business. That's a no-brainer, right? I'm a guy who loves to geek out over the latest and greatest gadgets. I'm constantly testing out new things, and my business has been completely transformed over the past decade with the help of technology. 

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