Why Your Business Should Have Data Backups

No matter what size a business is, backing up all business related data is an important practice. Because data backup is not always seen as being a mission critical function, some business people think that they can get away without having a backup plan in place. This idea is wrong for a number of reasons.

Even in the safest environments, data storage solutions fail. This failure can be caused by old age, or even a defective part. Regardless of the reason, without a backup any data loss is likely a permanent one.

Even in cases where data can be restored, restoration is not always the smartest option. In a business setting, it rarely makes sense to cease operations while technicians work to fix corrupted data. Having a proper backup solution in place prevents this.

Increasingly, businesses depend on data for a variety of business tasks. Customer data stores important information about the people who purchase products and services. Any business that loses a significant portion of this data, will immediately lose any kind of tracking information about their consumers and their buying behaviours.

Much like customer data, it is rare for a business not to store employee data. In a data loss scenario, losing access to employee payroll information can be as bad as losing customer data. This can result in delays in wages which will result in a disgruntled team of employees.

Every hour of the average day, a natural or man made disaster is happening somewhere in the world. Whether an earthquake or a flood, extreme weather plays havoc with even the most well prepared businesses. During these times, it can be almost impossible to access data, let alone restore it. Having data securely backed up before disaster strikes can lessen the effect of natural disasters.

Man made emergencies are no less serious than natural disasters. If anything, man made emergencies happen even more frequently. In the event of a fire, or just plain human error, having critical data properly backed up is the only way to ensure that work continues uninterrupted.

Employee incompetence and malice are equally serious threats. In a typical business, any number of employees have the ability to destroy important data at the push of a button. Given the fact that everyone makes mistakes, such a scenario is virtually inevitable.

It is impossible to know what lurks just around the corner. Even the most innocent seeming of events, can destroy your data and the years of hard work that it represents. The only way to prevent this destruction is to have a quality backup solution in place before disaster strikes.

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