I Still Haven't Filed My Tax Return...Now What?


Last week we talked about 3 reasons you should have filed your tax return on time. Now that you know why not to repeat this next year, there's still that return sitting on your desk that hasn't been filed. How are you going to get your tax return filed now that it's past the deadline?

Are their special steps to take? Is there anything else you need to know that would apply specifically to late returns?

Thankfully, for the most part...no. Last week I linked to a form you can fill out here in Canada to ask to have your late fees and penalties waived.

The one big exception to this is if you are trying to catch up on returns that are from previous years. Up until November 30, 2013, you can NETFILE your 2012 tax return. You cannot, however, file your 2011 or earlier return this way. That means if you're really behind on your tax returns, you're going to have to file them the old fashioned way. 

If that doesn't apply to you, and you just need some tips on filing your return, here are a few links. 

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As always, good luck. I know taxes can be stressful, so if you need any advice, please contact me.