Hiring A New Remote Bookkeeper

I've been very blessed with the opportunity to write guest posts for some great businesses, and the even greater people behind them. 

This week is no exception. I recently contributed a post to the fine folks at Kashoo. Kashoo, if you don't know, if a great online bookkeeping solution. Of all the ones I've worked with so far, it's the one that most closely resembles a full featured desktop app. I've been working with it more recently, and I plan on getting a post or two out about it in the near future. 

If you'd like to check out my post, here's the link. 

5 Things to Look for in a New Remote Bookkeeper

Kashoo also put out a collection of year end tips in another post, including a couple that I added. You can check that post out here. 

Counting Down to Year End

Finally, for those of you who have stumbled across my site as a result of reading those posts....welcome! Please subscribe to the blog to read more, find out what services I provide, or contact me if you have any questions.