ThatBookkeeper - Tax Time Greatest Hits


Looking back through the site and some of my guest posts...I've written quite a few posts about tax time. I thought it might be a good idea to highlight a few of my more popular posts from previous years.

Simple Strategies for Last-Minute Tax Filers - A guest post I wrote for last year to help people scrambling at the last minute.

Tax Thursdays: 5 Steps to Getting Your Taxes Together - A guest post I wrote on the FreshBooks blog as part of their Tax Thursday series. Check out the rest of that series too; there are plenty of guest posts by folks much smarter than me that can really help you out.

5 tips to avoid an audit - A guest post I wrote for Wave's blog. Hopefully you'll never have to deal with an audit, but here are a few tips to help you avoid that painful process.

6 Ways To Complete Your Tax Return - Finally, here's a good overview on the different ways to get that pesky return filed. This post also has a few handy links at the end, in case you need more help.

Hopefully one of these will prove useful. If you have any questions about your return, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

Are you ready for tax season?

Yes, it's April already. I honestly can't believe how quickly tax season snuck up on me this year. For all bookkeepers, this is our "playoff season". I'm positive I'll be sporting a terrible playoff beard by the time it's all done.

Before things get completely insane, I wanted to send out a quick post to all of you out there. If you find yourself in a panic, and need some help with your personal or small business taxes, I wanted you to know I'm here to help. Obviously, given the timeline, the sooner you reach out the better.

So, if you need your taxes prepared and filed, want some advice, or even need help finding an accountant, feel free to contact me anytime.