Five Ways Virtualization Can Revolutionize a Business

Many businesses find that utilizing the cloud for communications that may involve sharing documents or larger files like graphics, is becoming a necessity. The cloud environment allows customers access the company’s website, search for a particular folder, find the documents related to their case, and review what work has been done for them. They are then able to give feedback to the organization. Similar to meeting across the table face to face though this not only it saves time and money but it gives more freedom to both the client and the organization.

1. Taking it to Small Business Success - A number of software providers are also giving access to software suites which can be used on the cloud; adding big bonus to businesses and customers alike. These suites allow for both to work in any software used in assisting any particular project to proceed. For example, Microsoft 365, allows the client to subscribe to the Microsoft cloud and also subscribe to Microsoft 2010 Pro. While Adobe Creative offers the same type of subscription along with access to the Adobe Creative Suite software programs. Both companies provide these services for a very reasonable monthly price. This is obviously great for small businesses on a budget, where it provides them with a more professional look as well.

2. Efficient Service and Security - Cloud computing providers spend a lot of money developing and securing their cloud services and this provides businesses with more security for document sharing rather than having to send large files across email provider lines. For example, envision a business working with a client to create a new portfolio. The cloud might make more sense in terms of exchanging documents and making changes, rather than trying to send images and files back and forth through email. Though email is generally pretty secure these days, occasionally accounts can get hacked and it’s best to just avoid the potential for a virus to get acquired not to mention the ease and time saving aspect of editing through the cloud vs. email. The cloud makes it simple to exchange and create documents without any further hassle and it is done immediately.

3. Ample Storage Capabilities - The cloud also gives companies the benefit of unlimited storage capability which helps to store their large documents being backed up every night. Also, the fear of losing documents due to server and backup failures is eliminated which in turn puts the mind at ease and keeps the hard work where is should be. Amazon, for instance, was able to assist some large clients when there was need of ample amounts of backup on documents for storage itemization. As the clients had no way to store the documents on their servers, Amazon’s Web Services was able to provide that service for a much lower cost compared to the several thousand of dollars it would have taken instead to personally build on server storage.

4. Economics - As noted before, the costs for monthly subscriptions can help small businesses with the bottom line in budgets where they don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to buy every individual software program. Instead, for one monthly fee, the cloud and software programs are all available for clients to use. The cloud also saves money where they might have had to hire on new IT personnel. In this case, everything is done for the client by the cloud provider and no coding knowledge is needed on their end.

5. Equalizing the Playing Field by Virtualization - What this means, particularly for small and medium-size businesses, is that they have the freedom to do what the big companies do effectively and efficiently. The use of the cloud provides a respectable and professional look, making it easier to work with clients on a global scale. Indeed, the cloud virtualization environment is the new global world.


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Brian Jensen works with Dell. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family. He has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology. He is currently researching virtualization and would recommend visiting for more information.