I started this site back in 2010. My goal has always been to share helpful information with small business owners and/or fellow bookkeepers. I really hope that something you've read here has helped you out.

The blog will always be free. And, aside from a few ads here and there along the way, the site has never been a source of revenue. I would really like to be able to focus more on the site, which I believe will allow me to help a larger audience with their businesses. If you have received some value from my site over the years, and you would like to return the favour, here are a few options.


If you'd like to contribute directly to my site, you can click the donate button below and give whatever you feel comfortable with. Anything you can give would be an incredible blessing, and will help me spend more time creating helpful content on the site. If nothing else, it will help me stay caffeinated, which is a big reason I get anything done.

Affiliate Links

Once in a while I will include a link to a product or service in a post. Some of those links are referral links, which means I get a small percentage of the sale if you buy it. I try to only talk about products or services that I've either tried myself, or have come highly recommended by people I trust. If you like anything I mention and you use those links to buy them, it helps me out.

Tell a friend

The simplest way to help is to share the site with others. If you know someone who might benefit from the information here, please let them know. It will only cost you your time, and the referral would mean a great deal to me.

Store (coming soon)

I plan to have some digital products available sometime in 2015. Yeah, I know that's incredibly vague, but that's as precise as I can be at this point. I'll provide some better ETA's once I have them.