That Bookkeeper is here to make sense of your books, your bookkeeping system, and even your bookkeeper.

You are amazing at what you do...possibly the best in the world. So good that you wanted to start an entire business around this amazing skill.

Unfortunately, creating a new business means doing a lot of stuff that you aren't the best in the world at. One of those things is bookkeeping.

Let's face it...bookkeeping sucks.

Sure, there are a few of us out there that really enjoy it...but most people hate bookkeeping. The math scares you, the applications confuse you, and the idea of spending valuable time pouring over spreadsheets bores you.

The truth about bookkeeping is simple. It's not nearly as complicated as you think, and doing it right can be the difference between success and failure.

That's what I'm here for.

You've got 2 choices, and I can help with both.

First, you can throw your hands up in the air and decide to let someone do your books for you. If that's your decision, I provide bookkeeping services that are specifically designed for individuals and small teams. And, if I can't help you directly, I can help you find the perfect bookkeeper for your business.

Second, you can make the decision to learn how to manage your own books. For that, I will provide you with articles, links, guides, and much more to help you learn. Everything from the basic concepts to app-specific tips to take your productivity to the next level.

So, who exactly is That Bookkeeper anyway?

My name is Eric Matthews. I got started with bookkeeping over 20 years ago, and have worked with a wide range of businesses.

My focus is on individuals and very small teams. I work with desktop software like QuickBooks, as well a several cloud-based options like FreshBooks, Xero, Kashoo, and Wave.

On top of writing for this site, my posts have been featured on sites like, Yahoo! Business, Freshbooks, and Kashoo.

To learn more, you can contact me or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.