Video: Peter Walsh Interview on Unclutterer

The folks over at Unclutterer, which is one of my favorite sites, had a good interview with Peter Walsh. If you have ever wanted to declutter your life, chances are you're already familiar with Mr. Walsh's work. If not, he's written some great books on the subject, hosted the show Clean Sweep, and also appears on this little TV show called Oprah.

The interview is great for us home office dwellers. He gives some good tips on how to keep your workspace distraction-free, which is something I need help with.

There is also a plug for a new line of organization products he's selling. I checked out the line, which looks really interesting, but they seem to only be selling them as a package. Considering the package includes a desk, I think I'll wait until they start selling pieces individually.

Original Post: Video: Peter Walsh discusses office organizing and answers an Unclutterer’s question | Unclutterer.