Quality vs. Quantity

Quality Control 4


I didn’t post anything yesterday. I know, you’re not supposed to call attention to that, but I swear I’m telling you for a reason. I managed to write a post every weekday for 2 straight weeks, and it felt good to have that level of consistency.

On the weekend, when I tend to do a lot of writing, I just wasn’t feeling it. I got a lot of work done, and read a great book (review to come), but I just couldn’t get any writing done. My hope was that I would have another 5 post week, so on Sunday night I tried really hard to force something onto the page. Nothing. When I woke up this morning, I realized how stupid it was that I was trying so hard to force it.

What would have been the point to writing just for the sake of writing? The post would have, most likely, been terrible. It just would have filled a quantity requirement, without any regarding to quality. Perhaps you feel that about all of my posts (I suppose you can tell me if that’s the case, but I’d rather you didn’t).

This is a problem I see a lot in business. People are doing work for the sake of pushing out quantity. A lot of tech companies seem to have this approach.

January is CES, so we had better show off something new.

How many of the products that get launched in January never see the light of day? How many more shouldn’t?

I’m not suggesting you stop working just because you didn’t “feel it” today. What I’m saying is that there are a lot of aspects to running a business, so find something else to work on. I didn’t get any writing done, but I was still busy. I organized my office, brainstormed changes to the site, caught up on emails, and took care of a small mountain of bookkeeping.

The fact that, after all that, my only take away was frustration about no post going up yesterday just seems ridiculous. It’s likely the work I did will reap even greater rewards than a post would have.

Have you ever pushed out a product that you’re not proud of? Do you have good advice on how to push past those creative blocks? Share them in the comments.