Small Business Q&A Anyone?

To sites have caught my attention lately: Quora and Formspring. They both give people the chance to ask and answer questions, but in different ways. is more 1 on 1, where you setup a profile and invite people to ask you questions. You can also follow other people, ask them questions, or even send out a question to all of your “friends”.

formspring screenshot.

Quora is much more of a gathering. Questions are posed to the masses, and anyone can join in to answer. Quora got some early buzz, and high profile CEO’s were answering questions alongside us lesser known folks.

quora screenshot.

Tumblr also has a feature like this, although it certainly doesn’t have the social media buzz. Any Tumblog has the option to enable the “Ask Me Anything” feature, so readers can pose questions that show up on your blog.

tumblr screenshot.

What I’m wondering is, would this be something you would be interested in using? I have the “Ask That Bookkeeper” link on the site, but I haven’t promoted it at all. It links to my Tumblr page at the moment. I would be more than willing to answer any and all questions you may have about all sorts of topics: small business, bookkeeping, social media, home businesses, Indie Music, cool iTunes playlists, or why radio is awful.

In this scenario, Formspring seems like the best choice. I personally find Quora to be too chaotic; almost like Twitter if you followed everyone. Tumblr isn’t a bad option either, but the Q&A itself isn’t as social, so it ends up being much more 1-way. So, if anyone happens to have a question, here’s where to ask it.

Ask That Bookkeeper

If you sign up, I’ll be sure to follow you back and ask some questions of my own. See you there!